Dharma Guns world wide Tour now in Ireland

DHARMA GUNS en Irlande

du 9 au 13 Novembre 2011

au Cork International Film Festival


France, Portugal | 2010 | 93mins | 35mm | Colour and Black & White

This stylish and mysterious punk thriller from maverick director
F.J. Ossang concerns an amnesiac who finds himself in the Azores, the apparent victim of a dubious scientific procedure called Genetic Double. The tenuous nature of his condition ensures he is constantly questioning what is happening around him as he begins to wonder if he has been merely a guinea pig at the behest of a bizarre scientist.
A revisiting of the Eurydice and Orpheus myth, Dharma Guns is steeped in the tradition of Nosferatu and Vampyr, and is an odyssey through dark and transgressive cinema, burning with a Dionysian intensity and rage.

The director will introduce the screening

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