Le R*ck est m*rt
{pour toujours}
  samedi, janvier 07, 2006
Guy Mercier   {19:48}

pas d'image

tu vois

Guy Mercier   {19:48}

pas d'image ?

Guy Mercier   {19:40}

Chances are doors that just open up
I don't just carry for nothing
Ten tons of rain in a plastic cup
Tears unknown that fill oceans
Chances are the comets in our future
While others go on living in the past
The future seems farther away than Jupiter
Does appear through the telescopic glass
You can move so many, many times
Our home is everywhere we've been
Some people like to show humility
Others live in dramatic scenes on ships
Instead of feeling their own dealing and partake
They grow invisible as their soul starts to slip
Away from the center of illumination
That old steel-toothed border upstairs

J'ai le sampler
J'ai le microphone monophone
J'ai le cordon
J'ai l'adaptateur
J'ai le sampler

Angoisse de la page blanche


Bop, bop bop

Sébastien M.   {09:17}
We're a Happy Family

(bien longtemps que mémé n'avait pas été évoquée...)

  vendredi, janvier 06, 2006
ec   {20:16}
ah et puis
miguelito a mis un nouveau programme sur la radio

de la pub aussi
pour le label Optical Sound

qu'on se le dise

ec   {19:18}
Ma pub

je sais pas si ce sera un des meilleurs disques de l'année
mais je chante dessus et c'est gratuit

j'en parle


une compilation
à monter soi-même

Guy Mercier   {13:27}
I must confess to being absolutely baffled and bewildered by the music. I don't want to slag this person off, but it sounds like it's been put together by someone with something to prove - Will Young, maybe. It's prescribed music for people who are supposed to take music seriously, so you get the Fall and Moby Grape, Ravi Shankar next to R Kelly, Amps for Christ next to Andy Williams. It's preposterously eclectic. Half the bands I hadn't even heard of: Skog, Deer Hoof and Dr Buzzard. Rather than branching out into the vast collections of Hungarian world music, I ended up listening to the stuff I know and love, like Bob Dylan, Captain Beefheart and Led Zeppelin. There was stuff I'd heard about that I hadn't had a chance to check out before, like Animal Collective and Jamie Lidell, but the general tone of being patronised made me feel uncomfortable. I've never had much time for Joan Baez; I find her voice shrill and unpleasant. Or Joan Armatrading - anyone called Joan! And I can't stand Janis Joplin either. There was loads I liked - Hall and Oates, JJ Cale - but there's nothing from this person's youth, you know, the embarrassing stuff.
Fuck les iPod

  jeudi, janvier 05, 2006
Guy Mercier   {15:12}
reçu hier
le meilleur album de 2006

déjà ?

autant que ce soit fait
oui si je n'étais pas dans un blog je me
fendrais bien
d'un texte
pour dire la même chose et autrement
gotta take a crap
and blow some fag

  mardi, janvier 03, 2006
Sébastien M.   {21:15}
Une seule résolution : je ne parlerai plus que de r*ck (m*rt ou m*rib*nd).

Je décrète que les Wolfhounds sont le meilleur groupe à mur de guitares, loin, loin devant MBV, devant Mogwai, si loin...

  lundi, janvier 02, 2006
Guy Mercier   {22:58}
C'mon cut me so fast

Guy Mercier   {22:54}
all our l*ve to justina
you gotta walk that walk
you gotta talk that talk

Guy Mercier   {22:35}
meilleures chansons de 2006:

1. beat happening "bad seeds"
2. the heartbreakers "pirate love"
et ça ne fait que commencer
putain la belle



  dimanche, janvier 01, 2006
Guy Mercier   {18:29}
they make a lot of rules
they tell a lot of lies

musique de noël
disco très triste
jouée à la
scie musicale
musique de saint sylvestre
time to get seriously


musique de 1er Janvier they keep us apart from the other kids

Sébastien M.   {17:44}
have a g**d *6


(fou de moi)


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