Le R*ck est m*rt
{pour toujours}
  samedi, septembre 03, 2005
Guy Mercier   {23:29}

je crois
que je serais un bon junky
vintage violence
je regarde
je crois
give me a kiss
or a fix
je crois
je pense JUNK
il y a si peu de gens
qui se rappellent

Sébastien M.   {21:00}
l'appartement est un peu moins en bordel
je mets 1999

la suavitas règne

je crois

Guy Mercier   {20:06}
l'appartement est bien rangé
n'ayant rien à faire

je mets Speedy J

Sébastien M.   {16:49}
l'appartement est en bordel
n'ayant plus envie de rien
je mets broadcast

histoire de
remuer ma zone


je crois qu'il faut acheter le Sufjan Stevens en vinyl
et je me demande si le prochain sera consacré à la Louisiane

Guy Mercier   {15:44}
l'appartement est en bordel
n'ayant plus envie de rien
je mets andrew w.k. d'une certaine manière il est comme moi
comme les autres
il est d'une certaine
mon héraut
la puissance revient

  vendredi, septembre 02, 2005
Sébastien M.   {20:36}
A beautiful sweep across the history of music, incorporating blues, New Orleans funeral marches and the Rev's own style.For the first listens, go ahead and block out Alan Vega's spoke word stuff and thrive on the sound.

histoire de

je crois

Guy Mercier   {15:58}
certains voudraient voir alex chilton mort

  jeudi, septembre 01, 2005
Guy Mercier   {22:34}
Fats Domino is feared killed in the flooding.

  mercredi, août 31, 2005
Guy Mercier   {19:24}

{eugene} me fait penser qu'il y a un nouveau rinocerose
qui va sortir me regardez pas comme ça j'ai déjà le vive la fête
je lancerai bien une campagne d'exclusion du PS
de pascal lamy mais en fait je lancerai bien
une campagne d'exclusion du PS

ec   {13:14}
je voudrais bien me reposer

  mardi, août 30, 2005
Sébastien M.   {20:37}

et il est vachement bien, l'album de John Cale

je crois

vicieux au moins

comme le Kanye West

  lundi, août 29, 2005
Guy Mercier   {22:10}

cheap copy

Los Angeles- On October 7, four legendary artists will be honored for
their contributions to the under-appreciated genre of bubblegum music
at the 2nd biannual Bubblegum Achievement Awards. The ceremony honoring
Steve Barri (Lancelot Link), Ron Dante (Archies ? "Sugar Sugar"), Joey
Levine (Ohio Express ? "Yummy Yummy Yummy") and novelty DJ Dr. Demento
will be preceded by a spectacular new marionette show written and
performed by master puppeteer Bob Baker, who for more than 60 years has
amazed the kids of Los Angeles--and their parents--with his inventive
and exquisite creations, but who rarely performs at his own theater.

Bob Baker?s puppets have performed for hundreds of film, television and
commercial clients, working with stars like Elvis Presley, Judy Garland
and the Three Stooges. For the Bubblegum Awards show, Bob Baker dug
deep into his massive collection of rare record albums to find the
perfect soundtrack to express the horrors of Halloween and the giddy,
silly pleasures of bubblegum.

Every Bob Baker puppet show has a show-stopping number, often using
black light to startling effect. For the Bubblegum Awards show, Bob is
creating a program that?s nothing but show-stoppers, calibrated to keep
the audience gasping from start to finish. Among vignettes featured are
a bubblegum-powered dance of the gumdrops, an Asian-themed umbrella
ballet, a visit from a wacky spaceship brigade from Venus, and an
outrageous Monster Rally starring all of Bob?s beloved ghoul, goblin,
vampire and skeleton marionettes.

This special edition Bob Baker show has never been seen before, and is
being exclusively created to accompany the 2005 Bubblegum Achievement
Awards, on October 7 at Bob Baker?s Marionette Theater in downtown Los
Angeles. Other featured events include the premiere of Kier-La
Janisse?s documentary based on the book ?Bubblegum Music is the Naked
Truth,? the presentation of dozens of valuable raffle prizes, free cake
and Bazooka bubblegum, and live appearances by Canned Hamm, the
Bubblegum Queen, Abram the Safety Ape and the Archies? Ron Dante.

See Bob Baker?s stellar credits at

For more info on the Bubblegum Awards, visit

"The Thrill Jockey Records scene is sooo Bubblegum repressed! They're all livin' vicariously through me. It's cramping my style. Luckily, I was just at the So-Cal Bubblegum Queen Luxury Loft Conversion Spa. and was blessed by the Bubblegum Queen's sugar pink light. She's larger than life. Bubble on!

cheap copy

  dimanche, août 28, 2005
Guy Mercier   {18:24}
she wore blue her bad luck blue shoes he wore green for go they went out any way she and their car wore black throught the red light "stop i forgot all my memories" i see red when i see you fan belts break at 3 am i get mad drinks get spilled at 5 past 2 i don't feel sad but then i see you... and i see red i cant look down or i might fall on you i might follow in your footsteps i see a showdown at sundown whats the lowdown? i had to hunt you up i see red...he sees the sun come up and she needs rest here it comes a creepin so close to the bed "good morning darkness i see your shining face" she's always thinking about the facts of life i see red when i see you fan belts break at 3am i get mad drinks get spilled at 5 past 2 i don't feel sad but them i see you... and i see red
ce soir ma fille va voir Sham 69 au CBGBs



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