Le R*ck est m*rt
{pour toujours}
  samedi, août 20, 2005
Guy Mercier   {21:39}
ou alors
- !

Guy Mercier   {21:13}
hommage ?

Sébastien M.   {15:22}
mais en fin de compte...

  vendredi, août 19, 2005
Sébastien M.   {23:00}
Les pochettes du Broadcast vont de soi - ce truc incertain - cela va sans dire

et tu vas acheter ce disque



Guy Mercier   {18:09}
What similar items do customers ultimately buy after viewing this item?

* 17% buy Just an American Band ~ Verbal Abuse (Rate it)
* 12% buy this item (The Fat Elvis ~ The Big Boys (Rate it))
* 12% buy Vicious Circle ~ Zero Boys (Rate it)
* 7% buy Remains Nonviewable ~ Effigies (Rate it)
* 4% buy Tangled Up/Live or Else ~ The Necros (Rate it)
* 3% buy Because This Fuckin' World Still Stinks ~ The Fartz (Rate it)

un mec est mort d'un groupe que je ne connaissais pas
et qui avait l'air pas mal
j'ai mis deux chaussures différentes pour aller au bureau
ne m'en suis aperçu que vers 15 heures


Guy Mercier   {13:44}
la pochette + des mp3s =
Also,Duif described Kenose pretty accurately.
mais on est loin du compte il manque
l'épaisseur et le 40-page booklet

aussi je trouve que la pochette du Broadcast est vachement mieux

Sébastien M.   {11:43}
Je croyais que la meilleure pochette de disque cette année serait celle de Smog





du graphisme comme moi y l'aime

  jeudi, août 18, 2005
ec   {16:22}
et puis

[You walk to the temple on the boulevard
You know the way in cause you're
the son of God
She opens the door with
a sardonic glance
You drop to the floor making your plans
It's a real cool parody
That's my dragon lady
In a low society with no variety
She lives a tongue on cheek dream
There's soemthing in her eyes
that nature denied
She's a whirlwind creature of cultural ties
A preacher of schemes and self denial
She talks up a storm with news and belial
::Chorus ::
To live in Braham tragedy
Driven it seems by fantasies
A life like this is sad to see
A smile kept quite in reverie
The clock on the matle hands stop crossed
The rug on the floors a resting place for the dust
The talk of the town yet she's never been seen
A loving relation with a well trained machine

::Chorus ::

ec   {15:38}
je propose :
le démonter et l'installer à la fondation cartier

et debbie harry chez Mme Tussaud

ec   {15:32}
[Links that blink]
Punk Rock Doesn't Belong in a Museum


Guy Mercier   {10:37}
madame wong
est morte

Guy Mercier   {09:59}

  mercredi, août 17, 2005
ec   {23:56}
[obituaries that blink]

steve albini said...

John was a hero and mentor to me. He was one of the great men: One who made greatness possible for others. I owe him a debt I can never repay, and I am having a hard time envisioning the world without him.

My heart breaks for Sue and Natasha, and I hope they get some comfort in knowing that John was not just admired and respected, he was loved -- truly loved -- by people like me. People like me, by the hundreds, who he helped, taught and honored with a blinding dedication, purity of vision and effort.

I learned a lot from John, and I learned that one is never so wise that he can't still learn something new. I learned that from watching John being regularly invigorated by something new.

John, sweet and funny. Tough as nails and sharp as a tack. All i's dotted, all t's crossed. Ready to take off on an adventure at the drop of a hat. Never heavy. You were an original, John. A one-off, custom work.

Thank you.

ian mackaye said...

produit par
mixé par
enregistré par

francoise massacre   {20:56}
Corin Tucker

Jello Biafra

Sébastien M.   {14:38}

(j'ai découvert que j'aimais Monica Vitti)

(et sinon, toujours


  mardi, août 16, 2005
Guy Mercier   {22:43}

un jour
chaque jour
je me dis que
j'écouterais METAL MACHINE MUSIC en entier
et que
cela me plaira
ce jour c'est peut-être demain
2005 en attendant je me passe NASTY de ronald shannon jackson
je m'approche du bruit
je crois

ec   {15:44}
[links that blink]
Los punk rockers sur strange reaction

ec   {15:36}
[links that blink]
dead kennedys jukebox jury sur the disassembly line

  dimanche, août 14, 2005
francoise massacre   {16:14}



(Le Diddley Beat mes frères, le Diddley Beat!)

Guy Mercier   {10:28}
hi freaks
look at me
autogramme vis-a-vis

{à mes amis}


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