Dharma Guns en Lituanie

du 27 Sept. au 7 Oct. 2011
au Festival International de KAUNAS

Lien original

Dharma guns

La succession Starkov

Director: François – Jacques Ossang

France, Portugal, fiction drama, 2010 m., 93 min.

Emerging from a coma after a water ski accident in which his girlfriend Délie was killed, Stan van der Decken is informed that he is the heir of the mysterious Professor Starkov. Stan then curiously embarks on a trip to the village of Las Estrellas, where he finds out that Professor Starkov, who might turn out to be Délie’s father, had performed a scientific procedure and starts wondering if he and his girlfriend could have served as guinea pigs for the scientist. An odyssey of atonement where intuition and telepathy accelerate the journey in time: a journey to the other side. In this film the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is revisited fighting the
tyranny of the Time-God.
About the director:
François-Jacques Ossang, born in 1956, is a French filmmaker who has already been creating films for almost 25 years. His artistic career began in 1975, when he started to write poetry and a little bit later  established a punk music band called DDP. At the beginning of the 80’s he studied cinema production in Paris and debuted with his short film “The Last Riddle” (La dernière énigme, 1982). He has written and directed four shorts and three features, and published a dozen books so far.
Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: François – Jacques Ossang

Dir. of Photography: Gleb Teleshov

Music: Jack Belsen – Hautmont, Little Drake, MKB Fraction Provisoire

Guy McKnight, Elvire, Lionel Tua, Diogo Doria, Stéphane Ferrara, Alexandra Fournier, Patrick Bauchau


  • Kaunas
  • September 28 21:00, Cinema « Cinamon », hall 1
  • October 3 19:30, Cinema « Cinamon », hall 5
  • Vilnius
  • October 8 21:30, « Pasaka »
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