9 doigts a Londres


9 Fingers

9 Doigts

Full steam ahead to Nowhereland, in this surreal, beautifully shot black-and-white dream voyage from French cult maverick FJ Ossang.

Wednesday 04 October 2017 18:20
ICA Cinema, Screen 1
Thursday 05 October 2017 15:30
Vue Leicester Square Cinema, Screen 5
Sunday 08 October 2017 20:45
Hackney Picturehouse, Screen 1

Dir-Scr FJ Ossang
Prod Sébastien Haguenauer, Bruce Satarenko, Luis Urbano
With Paul Hamy, Damien Bonnard, Gaspard Ulliel
Sales Capricci Films

Film noir, science fiction and dream cinema à la Jean Cocteau fuse in this latest unclassifiable trip from France’s maverick visionary FJ Ossang. For years, Ossang has been exploring his own poetic worlds at the edge of the cinematic imagination, in films such as Doctor Chance, featuring Joe Strummer. 9 Fingers shows him at his most elegant, channelling the inspirations of genre movies, the silent era and outsider rock ‘n’ roll. In this black-and-white fever dream, dazzlingly shot by Simon Roca, a man on the run (Paul Hamy) finds himself reluctantly in cahoots with a gang planning a heist. He then joins them on a sea voyage to parts unknown (at least, unknown to real-world geography). Between here and ‘Nowhereland’, something’s got to give. An alluring hallucination of a film, inhabiting its own alternative dimension, and with a terrific electro-punk score.

Jonathan Romney

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